The practise of utilizing the unpaid invoices of a company for generating runtime capital for the company and hence, solving their cashflow problems is known as invoice discounting. Generally, banks, NBFC’s individual investors are involved in this process.

TradeSpace is a technology driven platform that helps the businesses to use their unpaid invoices and raise capital for their company. It is also making the process collateral free. At the same time investors can invest for high returns in less time at a very low risk.

  • Banks
  • NBFCs
  • Financial Institutions
  • Retail as well as Institutional Investors
  • Bring a permanent solution to your cashflow problems.
  • Empower your business by raising capital whenever & wherever.
  • Let the Businesses and Investors work hand in hand.

Any investment is associated with risk. The way in which we manage and mitigate your risk factors is what that matters the most.

  • Strong verification: Anyone associated with us undergoes through a strong verification process. All the financial and legal aspects are taken into consideration whether it may be an investor or any business.
  • Analysis: There is a strong credit analysis that is performed. It involves the complete go through each and every financials of the organization.
  • TradeSpace is a tech platform. It does not assume any risk on behalf of anyone.

TradeSpace has facilitated opening of an escrow account for each individual member. Fund transfers happens through these escrow accounts. Money involved will not be transferred to TradeSpace’s account in any given scenario. Hence, it’s completely transparent and a safe process.